kopie von studentsvisit 26 june 2010 26 June 2010. Today’s visit of a group of master students, the second this month, demonstrates the continuously growing interest of the academic community in ESPI’s activities and the attractiveness as a place for training.

More than twenty master students in the field of international relations and EU affairs from the Institute of Political Science at Tübingen University, Germany, led by Senior Lecturer Thomas Nielebock, visited ESPI today learning about the tasks of the Institute and the development of the space sector with presentations by ESPI’s Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl and Project Manager Spyros Pagkratis. Being attached to University of Tübingen themselves, current Visiting Researcher Max Mutschler and Research Intern Andreas Baur provided the students with accounts of their experiences working at the Institute for the past months.

Previously this month, a master students group from Rome had visited ESPI, showing that more and more academic institutions regard ESPI as an interesting stop during visits to European and international institutions. This adds to ESPI’s close contacts with academic institutions such as the International Space University (ISU), summer courses such as the one by the European Centre for Space Law (ECSL) and the large number of students and graduates spending time at ESPI as Research Interns (for example from Leiden University, The Netherlands or Paris XI, France) and of post graduates from Europe but also from abroad staying at ESPI as Visiting Researchers.

Meeting the demand developed through the growing academic interest in ESPI – which does not provide academic education itself – is part of the space policy promotion and awareness building activities by the Institute, which is derived from its main task as a think tank focused on advising policy makers. 

studentsvisit 26 june 2010 
Master students from Tübingen University during their visit at ESPI




photo credit: ESPI

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