13 March 2018. In cooperation with the University of Cape Town (SA) and its SpaceLab, a new volume of the “Studies in Space Policy” book series, edited by Dr. Annette Froehlich (ESPI/DLR) and published by Springer, is now available.


Space Resourse Utilization

 Space Resourse Utilization 2

The book was edited in cooperation with the master students of the University of Cape Town (SpaceLab) on Space Studies and its Space and Society course (MPhil). Students taking that course were tasked to consider the developments in the policy and regulatory domains concerning space resource utilization from a developing country perspective. As the result of this work could make an interesting contribution to ongoing debates about space resource utilization, the students developed their Team Project under the guidance of Dr Annette Froehlich who co-lead this course into a new book that has just published by Springer.

The book speaks to the need for a regulatory framework with regards to space resource utilization. In doing so, significant elements of the subject matter have been explored, taking into account the different phases of a space mission and the perspectives of the various actors and participants in the space arena. The book tackles the subject matter from a number of angles. An analysis of the current national and international governance frameworks is performed, with regards to resource extraction and utilization in space. The view of established and emerging space nations is analyzed next, specifically with extraction and utilization in mind, and in light of the new United State (US) Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act (CSLCA) of 2015.
A brief analysis of the various budgets allocated to space exploration is given.

See more: http://www.spacelab.uct.ac.za/news/spacelab-students-coauthor-book-space-resource-utilisation


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