Copy_of_ESPI_webnews_200710_image1 20 July 2010. By breaking the barrier of more than 1000 bibliographical entries the electronic catalog of ESPI’s library as well as the ESPI database becomes an ever more valuable source of information for space policy. 

Supporting academic research as well as  the practical work of agencies and other operative institutions dealing with space policy, ESPI provides a wide range of information services. Maintaining a specialised library in this research area the electronic catalogue consists now of more than 1000 bibliographical entries (link here).

Furthermore ESPI’s website provides through its database a comprehensive collection of documents on space policy (link here). Under the guidance of ESPI Communications Manager Blandina Baranes the resources have been set up and have now reached this milestone. The final phase of cataloguing was undertaken with support of ESPI Research Intern Johannes Pseiner.


Blandina Baranes and Johannes Pseiner ESPI
ESPI Communications Manager Blandina Baranes and ESPI Research Intern Johannes Pseiner

ESPI’s data collection and library management is integral part of its mission. Basic tasks are the acquisition of space policy and space related literature (e.g. space policy, space law, history of human spaceflight, technology), the management of subscriptions of academic journals, maintaining a database of documents in the field of space policy and providing a wide-ranging overview of publications in its different forms such as i.a. academic articles and press clippings. The ESPI library consists now of about 500 monographs, of 15 journals, grey literature and an up to date database of press clippings.

Data can now better by far be retrieved and information can be accessed more easily. In maintaining a digital and a physical library, ESPI keeps up with the needs of researchers and practitioners.






photo credit: ESPI

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