15 November 2017. ESPI published the Outcome Report of the ESA-ESPI Workshop on the topic of “Space Data & Cloud Computing Infrastructures: Policies and Regulations” which was held on 07 July 2017 in ESRIN, Frascati (Italy). The report provides a summary of the discussions and main findings of the conference. Download the outcome report here.

The way of doing scientific research across all domains is undergoing a paradigm shift enabled by fast-paced technological advancements and driven by the globalization of the scientific community as well as by the increasing demand to address the “Grand Challenges” faced by society. This rapid evolution is characterized by an opening of the research process, by a skyrocketing number of scientific data producers and consumers and, as a result, by a massive and ever-growing volume of data to be processed and disseminated, particularly through distributed computing. From a technical perspective cloud infrastructures provide key features that can be leveraged to benefit to scientific research in this challenging context which also raises a number of questions about rules and regulations, privacy, transparency and data policies.

This one-day Workshop addressed some of these key policy and regulations questions – such as concerning data rights and IPRs. Speakers ranged from high-level policy makers of European Institutions and Space Agencies to academic researchers as well as representatives of industry. They addressed an audience primarily composed of scientists and commercial (big) data users working with Earth observation and science space data, as well as of experts in scientific data policy, rights and regulations.

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