SMiGroup 26 April 2013. ESPI chaired, and presented at, the Military Space Conference 2013 held in London on 10-11 April 2013.

ESPI’s Resident Fellow Jana Robinson chaired the MilSpace 2013 conference, organized by the SMi Group on 10-11 April 2013 in London (programme available here). Ms. Robinson also introduced ESPI’s project on “Space Crisis Management”, completed in February 2013 with ESPI Report 44 (report download here). The presentation included the project’s background and rationale, main objectives, conclusions and recommendations.

Other topics covered by this year’s conference included: the latest developments in space security policy in the UK; the UK’s future air and space operating concept introduced by the Concepts and Doctrine Centre, a UK Ministry of Defence think tank; an assessment of the French Joint Space Command operations; the operations of the Galileo Security Monitoring Centre (GSMC) and added value of the Galileo’s Public Regulated Service (PRS); issues dealing with space weaponization debates; the  challenges associated with merging various space capabilities for effective defence-related operations; and ESA’s activities in the area of security and defence. Technical presentations covered the introduction of OREKIT, open source space software, the AGI software, and Spatial Grasp Technology.

Photo MilSpace 2013 compressed

MilSpace 2013 Agenda
Presentation by Jana Robinson

Yearbook on Space Policy

India in Space: Between Utility and Geopolitics

A Fresh View on the Outer Space Treaty

Space Resource Utilization: A View from an Emerging Space Faring Nation

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