espi_perspectives_37 9 August 2010. Issue 37 of the "ESPI Perspectives" series investigates how to increase space activities’ visibility in the eyes of European public opinion, to the point where space becomes one of the cornerstones of a common European identity.


Space might significantly contribute to the creation of a European identity. This was demonstrated in the course of the “European Identity Through Space” conference held at ESPI on November 2009, when several case studies were conducted on this field. In the past, space with its numerous applications has become an integral part of everyday life, including arts, exploration, security, defence, or economy. This issue of the ESPI Perspectives series aims at extending this debate on European identity through Space to the sphere of public opinion. Space will only make its way into the formation of European identity, if the European people are able to identify themselves with space applications, increase loyalty towards space research and at the same time profit on a personal level from the benefits of its use. This ESPI Perspective therefore focuses on two main points: on the one hand, it recalls once again the importance of the space sector for the better understanding of the European identity. On the other hand, it introduces a so called participative component of European identity.


Marcus Hornung, the author of “ESPI Perspectives 37”


Marcus Hornung is currently completing his Postgraduate-Programme in European Studies of the Free, Humboldt and Technical Universities Berlin with an M.E.S. thesis on European space policy as reflected in theories of EU external affairs. He holds a B.A. in European Studies from the Technical University of Chemnitz, including studies in Chemnitz and Brno, internships in Vienna and Berlin and student assistant work for the European integration and social and economic geography chairs at the Technical University of Chemnitz. Besides his studies he has been working for the European Academy Berlin since 2009, organising and assisting seminars, field trips and workshops on European politics. His contribution to the ESPI Perspectives series was prepared during his stay as a research intern in ESPI from February to April 2010.

- ESPI Perspectives 37: “European Identity through Space – How to Make Public Opinion Instrumental”

photo credit: ESPI

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