29 June 2017. At the occasion of the Vienna Conference on Strategy, Dr. Annette Froehlich gave a talk on the strategic use of outer space at the NDA (National Defence Academy).

The presentation highlighted the use of outer space from the times of the cold war and its strategical-political use for ideological purposes. Potentially harmful consequences of space activities for the long sustainable use of outer space were also addressed like the current European space activities and the importance of its applications for the benefit of European Citizens. More information on the conference program: here.

Photos: Head of panel, Brigadier Mag. Hofbauer, Director of Defence Staff Division/Austrian Ministry of Defence, Dr. Annette Froehlich and Brigadier Dr. MMag. Wolfgang Peischel, organiser of the conference and editor-in-chief of the Austrian Military Journal (Österreichische Militärische Zeitschrift, ÖMZ)