Poster_exhibition_E  15 August 2011. ESPI has been partner of one of the most successful recent exhibitions in Vienna. Focusing on “Space. About a Dream" from various imaginative perspectives provided the opportunity for an intensive and wide-ranging interdisciplinary and cross cultural exchange.
Cathérine Hug, curator of the exhibition “Space. About a Dream” at the Kunsthalle wien, intended to stir up curiosity and stimulate thoughts about fundamental questions of existence and space. With her approach and her aspiration presenting acomprehensive and outstanding collection of artworks dealing with space, she absolutely fulfilled ambitious expectations. For the past four and a half months Vienna was the centre of art and space. Various space related anniversaries (Sputnik, Galileo, Gagarin’s flight) have been reflected through this unique exhibition.

ESPI as the European think tank on space policy supported this exceptional cultural undertaking in various ways: ESPI Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl provided academic input and advice, gave a lecture on “Space and Communication. Art, propaganda and politics” (webstream of the lecture download here) and provided an article on “Space Policies, Space Law and the Extra-Terrestrial(s) for the catalogue. Some ESPI events such as the evening with the Schönberg Center (see related webnews here) as well as the opening of ESPI’s annual exhibition (see related webnews here) were part of the wide ranging framework programme, which has been coordinated by Cathérine Hug. (download here) ESPI proved also visibility in the local media since “space” through this exhibition turned to be a subject of interest (ESPI Resident Fellow Gerhard Thiele and ESPI Resident Fellow Spyros Pagkratis interviews at FM4 – web stream download here and here).

With the initiative and the coordination by ESPI Communications Manager Blandina Baranes, ESPI pursues the initiative to open-up for new audiences, for non-space people and to emphasise its interdisciplinary assignment.

Cathérine Hug, curator of the exhibition; with ESPI Communications Manager Blandina Baranes 


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- web stream lecture of Kai-Uwe Schrogl
- web strem interview with Gerhard Thiele
- web stream interview with Spyros Pagkratis
- Frameprogramme of the exhibition

-Exhibition catalogue










Photo credit: Cathérine Hug 

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