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24 April 2015. The seventh volume of the “Yearbook on Space Policy” series edited by ESPI and published by SpringerWienNewYork is now available. This edition covers global space related developments from the second half of 2012 to the end of 2013.

The thematic focus of ESPI’s Yearbook on Space Policy 2012/2013, is on how space activities are affected by diverse changes in the global space sector, their driving forces, and their future impacts. The threefold structure of the yearbook remains the same as for earlier years. The first part deals sets out a comprehensive overview of the economic, political, technological, and institutional trends that affect space activities in Europe and throughout the world in the period.

The second part approaches the overall theme from a more analytical perspective, covering topics such as Global Trends and Their Impact on Space, The Future Regulation of Outer Space Technology, Warfare and International Law, New Space for Security, Emerging Space Powers of Latin America: Argentina and Brazil, The Impact of China’s Rise in Space, Russia - Space Exploration and Development Prospects, India and Other Maturing Asian Space Enthusiasts, and The Globalisation of Space Activities - The Implications for Europe and Possible Strategies to Pursue. These in-depth analyses were provided by external experts.

The third part carries forward the character of the Yearbook as an archive of space activities prepared in-house by ESPI, providing a comprehensive bibliography, chronology and data on ESA member states and relevant space faring nations. In its entirety, ESPI’s Yearbook on Space Policy fills a niche in communicating space policy and space related issues to decision makers and to the broader public.

The new yearbook covers a period of a year-and-a-half, in order to allow future issues in the series to cover the calendar year.

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