16 January 2017. The twenty-fourth Newsletter issue of ESPI is now online.

The twenty-fourth issue of the ESPI Newsletter provides an account of ESPI’s activities during the past six months. The period was extremely fruitful for ESPI, with the publication of relevant studies as well as a considerable number of activities in and outside ESPI, an account of which is provided within this Newsletter. A description of the ongoing and upcoming activities and events planned by ESPI as part of its Workplan 2017 is also provided.

Download: ESPI Newsletter 24

12 January 2017. A new issue of the “ESPI Briefs” series is available. It comments on the new “White Paper on Space Activities” released by China on 27 December 2016. You can find it here.

14 December 2016. The EU-U.S. 2nd Space Conference took place on Wednesday 7 December in the George Washington Space Policy Institute premises in Washington DC. This event gathered high ranking representatives from the European Commission, the US Administration as well as from industry and organisations playing a prominent role in the shaping of the EU-U.S. relations in Space. ESPI Director, Jean-Jacques Tortora participated in the panel related to Security.

The video recording of the event is available here.

Summary of the ESPI presentation can be downloaded here.

14 December 2016. Senior Resident Fellow Dr. Serge Plattard wrote an article for Europe's World magazine. You can access the article here.

28 November 2016. The Space Policies, Issues and Trends in 2015-16 report is now available. This report provides a continued assessment of the space economy and of global space policies.

Read more: Space Policies, Issues and Trends in 2015-2016 now available online

24 November 2016. On 14 and 15 November ESPI Resident Fellow Dr. Stefano Ferretti participated in the workshop "When Space Meets Agriculture - Fostering Interregional collaborations, investments and definition of user requirements” organized by the Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies (NEREUS) in Matera, Italy. NEREUS aims at exploring the benefits of space technologies for European regions and its citizens and to spread their applications, while promoting the regional dimension of European Space Policy and programs as well as end-user needs.

Read more: When Space Meets Agriculture – ESPI at NEREUS Workshop

22 November 2016. A new contribution to the series Voices from the Space Community (previously known as ESPI Perspectives) is now online. Tomas Hrozensky, PhD. Student at the Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia and Visiting Scholar at the Space Policy Institute of the George Washington University, reflects about the concept of Space as a soft power tool for Europe.

Read more: “Voices from the Space Community” no. 78

19 November 2016. Starting tomorrow, the ESPI Director will participate to the High Level Forum: Space as a Driver for Socio-Economic Sustainable Development, co-organized by UNOOSA and the United Arab Emirates in Dubai.

Mr. Tortora will co-chair the Breakout session 4 on Space Diplomacy and will give a speech in Panel 2: Making a difference: Working Together Towards Sustainable Space, where he will address the Space security, safety and sustainability nexus with Sustainable Development on Earth. In particular, he will summarize the outcomes of the 10th ESPI Autumn Conference, which are captured in a special issue of the ESPI Reports series entitled "Outcome 10th ESPI Autumn Conference – Space for Sustainable Development".

Speech of ESPI Director can be downloaded here:

Yearbook on Space Policy

India in Space: Between Utility and Geopolitics

A Fresh View on the Outer Space Treaty

Space Resource Utilization: A View from an Emerging Space Faring Nation

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