18 November 2016. On November 10th, the Director of ESPI was invited to speak at the public hearing on the Space Strategy for Europe organized by the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy in the European Parliament in Brussels. The specific topic addressed was “Improving Industry Competitiveness”.

The presentation can be downloaded here

15 November 2016. Starting from November 2016, the well-known ESPI publication series “ESPI Perspectives” has been overhauled and retitled “Voices from the Space Community”.

While this new series retains many key aspects that made its predecessor a successful and popular publication, with more than 70 contributions over the years, a number of changes were adopted in order to ensure the quality of the series, a faster publication process, and ultimately a broader participation and free exchange of ideas.

Read more: “Voices from the Space Community” – Call for Contributions

11 November 2016. On the 24th of October for the first time Ministries of Science, University and Research, Space Authorities, Space Agencies and International Organizations representatives, senior space experts of 35 countries from Africa, Americas, Asia, and Europe met in Trento (Italy) at the 1st International Space Forum at Ministerial level. ESPI Resident Fellow Dr. Stefano Ferretti participated to the forum, entitled “Space Science and Academy for Global Challenges”, which fostered open and productive discussions on how Space Science and Academy can concretely contribute to the sustainability of the future space programmes for peaceful purposes.

Read more: 1st International Space Forum at Ministerial level – ISF 2016, Trento, Italy

09 November 2016. In its November special issue, the China Policy Institute, a major centre of expertise on contemporary China based in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham, published an article authored by ESPI Resident Fellow Marco Aliberti.

Read more: ESPI contributes to the Special Issue of the China Policy Institute dedicated to “China and Outer...

03 November 2016. On 19 October, five officers of the German Armed Forces visited the European Space Policy Institute. The Director Jean-Jacques Tortora and Dr. Annette Froehlich gave a talk on space security and space applications. Moreover, the activities of the Committee for the Peaceful Use of Outer Space of the United Nations in Vienna and the relevant UN space related treaties were highlighted and widely discussed. 

Read more: Visit of German Army at ESPI

03 November 2016. In anticipation of the upcoming visit of the ESPI Director to the McGill Institute for Air and Space Law in Montreal, ESPI is pleased to remind that the McGill Institute proposes programmes and courses broadly opened to students from all over the world. 

Read more: McGill Institute for Air and Space Law courses

03 November 2016. On 19 October, the Director of ESPI was invited to participate in the Austrospace General Assembly meeting held in Seibersdorf Laboratories facilities, Austria. The Director presented the mission of the Institute, its organisation as well as the perspectives for potential synergies with local representations of international organizations and industry. 

Read more: Director of ESPI invited to Austrospace General Assembly meeting

28 October 2016. On 15 and 16 September, ESPI hosted its 10th Autumn Conference, entitled “Space for Sustainable Development”. The ESPI Director, Jean-Jacques Tortora, gave the welcoming address, underlining the importance of using space technology for sustainable development with the reference to UN Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals. The opening was enriched by a key note speech of Vittorio Prodi, who presented the political, environmental and social implications of technology and development in everyday life.

Read more: Outcome of 10th ESPI Conference “Space for Sustainable Development”

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