espi_p25.jpg 24 June 2008. Today, ESPI released the study report “Isolation of space research from space industry”. This study focuses on the relationship between research in its different forms and the space industry. It evaluates its evolution up to the current situation and provides recommendations for future improvements.

Read more: 24 June 2008. ESPI Report "Isolation of space research from space industry" now online.

sgac.jpg 20 June 2008. Today, ESPI renewed its cooperation agreement with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) thus continuing a close and successful partnership.

Read more: 20 June 2008. ESPI extends cooperation with SGAC

exhibition11.jpg 18 June 2008. Guests from almost 30 countries attended the opening of an exhibition at ESPI showing artist’s impressions of cities and landscapes. Numerous delegates from UNCOPUOS met with ESPI’s local friends and partners.

Read more: 18 June 2008. ESPI opens exhibition

jaxa.jpg 13 June 2008. Having produced already two studies for the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), a visit of the JAXA Associate Executive Director for International Relations highlighted the appreciation of this cooperation.

Read more: 13 June 2008. JAXA appreciates recent cooperation with ESPI

isro_june.jpg 12 June 2008. The Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) G. Madhavan Nair chose ESPI for organizing a press conference during his stay in Vienna attending UNCOPUOS.

Read more: 12 June 2008. ISRO Chairman Nair meets the media at ESPI

ila logo.jpg 6 June 2008. The findings of ESPI’s study on Space Situational Awareness (SSA) were an important part of presentations given at a symposium during the Berlin Airshow (ILA) and at the leading space conference in Japan (ISTS).

Read more: 6 June 2008. Dissemination of findings from the ESPI study on Space Situational Awareness

esa.jpg 3 June 2008. During the 63rd meeting of ESA’s International Relations Committee, ESPI was given the opportunity to present its activities and promote the use of its research results.

Read more: 3 June 2008. ESPI invited to address ESA's International Relations Committee

astronom04cds.jpg 2 June 2008. Today, the Astronomy Club of ESRIN visited ESPI and a presentation on recent research activities co-funded by Austria was held.

Read more: 2 June 2008. Two events at ESPI today

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