4s_rhodos_plakat.jpg 26 May 2008. One of the largest small satellites events, the 2008 “4S Symposium” met to discuss technologies and utilization of such satellites. ESPI was invited to provide a keynote presentation on the legal aspects of space utilization and the regulatory questions facing small satellites.

Read more: 26 May 2008. ESPI invited for keynote presentation at the "4S Symposium"

royal military academy.jpg 23 May 2008. Organized by the Royal Military Academy of Belgium, the “2008 Air Power Symposium”, held in Brussels, dealt with current issues in military space policy. ESPI contributed on the European setting.

Read more: 23 May 2008. Brussels "2008 Air Power Symposium" with contribution by ESPI

plkt5_webnews.jpg 20 May 2008. The Polish Space Office organized its 2008 Space Days under the theme “Polish Space Industry – a European Partner”. ESPI had been invited to co-sponsor this event and provide a presentation on the rationale of space policies.

Read more: 20 May 2008. ESPI invited to Warsaw Space Days 2008

rs_farewell.jpg 16 May 2008. Retiring at the end of this month, ESPI’s Senior Research Fellow and Representative of the Founders was today celebrated by the ESPI staff and the leaders of ESA and FFG, Jean-Jacques Dordain and Klaus Pseiner.

Read more: 16 May 2008. Rolf Skaar's merits appreciated on the occasion of his retirement from ESPI

persp_espi_7.jpg 14 May 2008. The new issue of “ESPI Perspectives” casts light on Africa as a future space-faring continent. Africa is no blind spot anymore on the landscape of space activities and holds a high potential also for cooperation with Europe.

Read more: 14 May 2008. "ESPI Perspectives 7"on "Africa as a future space-faring continent"

6thiaa_regional_meeting.jpg 9 May 2008. For the first time, the Regional Meeting of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) for Germany, Austria and Switzerland took place outside Germany, hosted by ESPI in Vienna.

Read more: 9 May 2008. IAA Regional Meeting hosted by ESPI

report6_thumb.gif 5 May 2008. The ESPI Report “Space Policy, Issues and Trends in 2006/2007” is increasingly being used by various stakeholders in the space community and becomes a reference publication.

Read more: 5 May 2008. ESPI annual analysis increasingly used by peers

espi-perpectives_6_php.jpg 29 April 2008. Half a year ago, the Portuguese Council Presidency of the EU has opened the view for using GMES to support the development in Africa. This issue of “ESPI Perspectives” assesses the approach and the need for further action regarding this initiative.

Read more: 29 April 2008. "ESPI Perspectives 6" on "GMES and Africa"

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