natoflag.jpg 22 April 2008. ESPI was invited to give a presentation at a NATO workshop in Kalkar, Germany, on setting up an appropriate governance for NATO space activities.

Read more: 22 April 2008. NATO inviting ESPI input for its space strategy process

visit_of_amnon_ginati.jpg 18 April 2008. During a visit today, the head of ESA’s IAP (Integrated Applications Promotion) Programme Initiative, Amnon Ginati, expressed ESA’s interest in research ESPI recently conducted in the field of space and sustainability.

Read more: 18 April 2008. Interest of ESA's IAP Programme Initiative in ESPI research

egu.jpg 15 April 2008. ESPI was invited to give a presentation on the relations between the changing geopolitics of space affairs and space science and exploration activities at the 2008 European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly held in Vienna.

Read more: 15 April 2008. ESPI invited to present at EGU General Assembly

reception_15.jpg 9 April 2008. Around 60 delegates and other guests from almost 30 countries gathered at a reception ESPI hosted today during the session of the UNCOPUOS Legal Subcommittee.

Read more: 9 April 2008. UNCOPUOS delegations hosted by ESPI

eumetsat_logo.gif 7 April 2008. EUMETSAT has become a new institutional member of ESPI. It will provide ESPI with the background of the prime European institution for monitoring weather, climate and the environment.

Read more: 7 April 2008. EUMETSAT new institutional member of ESPI

perspectives_5.jpg 4 April 2008. Europe must take the lead in making access to space more affordable and more practical. Going back to one of the recommendations from the ESA Long Term Space Policy Committee (LSPC), an innovative new proposal for a competitive and affordable partly reusable launcher is detailed in this issue of  “ESPI Perspectives”.

Read more: 4 April 2008. "ESPI Perspectives 5" on "More affordable satellite launchings"

iaa.jpg 1 April 2008. The Secretary General of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), Jean Michel Contant, visited ESPI today to discuss joint activities during 2008 and further in the future.

Read more: 1 April 2008. Secretary General of IAA visits ESPI

prague.jpg 28 March 2008. ESPI was invited to chair the concluding discussion panel at the European Interparliamentary Space Conference(EISC) workshop on space applications, which was hosted by the Czech Republic in Prague.

Read more: 28 March 2008. ESPI at first EISC workshop under Czech presidency

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