europe_ssa.jpg 29 February 2008. ESPI today released the study “Europe’s Way to Space Situational Awareness (SSA)“. It highlights key aspects of a future European SSA system, such as data policy, institutional questions and a business model.

Read more: 29 February 2008. ESPI's study "Europe's Way to Space Situational Awareness (SSA)" available

czechdelegation.jpg 26 February 2008. High-ranking representatives of the Czech 2008 presidency of the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC) and first half of 2009 EU-Presidency visited ESPI today to detail the institute’s support in space matters.

Read more: 26 February 2008. ESPI to support Czech presidency of EISC

espi-spi.jpg 25 February 2008. A ground breaking joint memorandum on trans-Atlantic space cooperation was released in front of an audience of high-level space policy professionals from key U.S. space institutions in Washington D.C. today.

Read more: 25 February 2008. ESPI/GWU-SPI joint memorandum on trans-Atlantic space cooperation.

isu.jpg 22 February 2008. During this week, ESPI participated in various activities of the International Space University (ISU) at Strasbourg.

Read more: 22 February 2008. ESPI participates in ISU activities

secureworldfoundation.jpg 15 February 2008. The Secure World Foundation (SWF) will partner with ESPI in organizing a workshop on the fair and sustainable use of outer space, taking place on 20/21 November 2008 in Vienna.

Read more: 15 February 2008. ESPI and SWF prepare joint workshop

un1.jpg 14 February 2008. At the current session of the Scientific-Technical Subcommittee of UNCOPUOS, ESPI presented recent activities relevant to the work of this global forum.

Read more: 14 February 2008. ESPI reports about its activities in UNCOPUOS

eusc.jpg 12 February 2008. Receiving an ESPI delegation at Torrejon, Frank Asbeck, Director of EUSC, voiced a strong interest of his centre in ESPI’s activities.

Read more: 12 February 2008. EU Satellite Centre with active interest in ESPI's work

study_innovation.jpg 7 February 2008. ESPI today released the report on “Stimulating and sustaining technology innovation in the space sector”. It contains numerous recommendations related to innovation policy.

Read more: 7 February 2008. Study on technology innovation released

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