untreaties.png 7 January 2008. The UN General Assembly adopted a Resolution on the practice of registering space objects at its current session period. This Resolution had been prepared during the past years under the chairmanship of ESPI’s Director.

Read more: 7 January 2008. UN General Assembly adopts resolution prepared under chairmanship of ESPI's Director

flag.jpg 19 December 2007. Today ESPI released an exploratory study on space in Estonia and Slovenia. This report investigates space activities and their future development in those two new EU Member States.

Read more: 19 December 2007. New ESPI report on space in Estonia and Slovenia available

aw_globe_200.gif 13 December 2007. The conference “Threats, Risks and Sustainability – Answers by Space” was held at ESPI in Vienna on 10 and 11 December. This conference was organised to shed new light on a number of threats to long-term sustainability in a multi-disciplinary approach and to demonstrate how space tools are crucial in addressing these issues.

Read more: 13 December 2007. ESPI holds Conference on "Threats, Risks and Sustainability - Answers by Space"

africa_satellite_small.jpg 10 December 2007. ESPI was invited to participate in the Conference “GMES-Africa. Space for development: the case of GMES and Africa” organised by the Portuguese European Union Council Presidency.

Read more: 10 December 2007. ESPI at EU Presidency Workshop on "GMES and Africa"

space weapons.jpg 10 December 2007. The Institute for Peace Research and Security Studies at Hamburg University (IFSH) and ESPI have prepared a memorandum on space and security addressed to the EU CODUN  (Council Working Group on Disarmament in the UN) at its meeting in Brussels on 7 December 2007.

Read more: 10 December 2007. Memorandum on space security

report6_thumb.gif 29 November 2007. Today, ESPI released the report of the study “Space Policy, Issues and Trends in 2006/2007”. This study is a thorough analysis of the major space events that occurred between January 2006 and June 2007 and presents in a single document comprehensive data and analysis characterising global space activities over this period.

Read more: 29 November 2007. ESPI releases "Space Policy, Issues and Trends in 2006/2007"


19 November 2007. Today ESPI released the report of the study EU4+ “Space in Central and Eastern Europe - Opportunities and Challenges for the European Space Endeavour”. This study investigates space activities in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia excluded, and the relationship of selected countries with Western Europe.

Read more: 19 November 2007. New ESPI report on Central and Eastern Europe available

hios9 November 2007. The “Vienna Vision on Humans in Outer Space” which had been drafted at the ESF/ESA/ESPI conference in early October has now been brought to the attention of the scientific community and the decision-makers alike.


Read more: 9 November 2007. "Vienna Vision on Humans in Outer Space" presented at two international conferences

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