"Space in the financial and economic crisis"
by: Christophe Venet (University of Tübingen)

"The Lisbon Treaty: Legal Personality of the EU and its effects on space" 
by: Lesley Jane Smith (Leuphana University of Lüneburg)

"Implications of new trends in micro-satellite developments"
by: Rainer Sandau (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing ISPRS)

"Institutional development of satellite navigation in Europe"
by: Heike Wieland (GSA)

"Space applications after Copenhagen"
by: Simonetta Cheli (ESA)

"Space and disaster management-lessons and needs after the Tsunami and Haiti"
by: Ray Harris (University College, London)

"The prospects for transatlantic cooperation in the field of ISS and space exploration under the Obama administration"
by: Ian Pryke (George Mason University, Washington DC)

"The new U.S. space policy"
by: Michael Sheehan (University of Swansea)

"New trends in shaping space policies around the world"
by: Deganit Paikowsky and Isaac Ben Israel (University of Tel Aviv)

"A grassroots approach to the diffusion of satellite information and services: revaluing and fostering the role of the end-user"
by: Sebastian Rieder and Olivier Rerolle (Eurisy)

"The Space Paradigm in the 21st Century" (Introduction to the Dialogue Session with German Decision Makers)
by: Helmut Staudenrausch (DLR)