Keynote Speech
"Space and Maritime Security - Stategies and Capabilities to Counter Piracy"
by: Judge Helmut Türk (Vice President of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea)

"Maritime Security - the Political Context"
by: Arnold Kammel (AIES)

"Maritime Security - The Space Context"
by: Nina-Lousa Remuss (ESPI)

"ATALANTA NavFor - European Military Capabilities"
by: Sascha Lange (SWP, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik)

"EUSC Support to Op ATALANTA"
by: Andrew Wilson (Operations Division, European Union Satellite Centre)

"Maritime Disaster and Emergency Satellite Communications. Inmarsat's experiences and prospects"
by: Ann Vandenbroucke (Head Regulatory and Policy Issues, Inmarsat)

"Industrial Approach to Piracy"
by: Rüdiger Koppe (Businessdevelopment Security, EADS Astrium Satellites)