"SatCom Policy in Europe. Presentation of the Study Project"
by: Veronica La Regina (ESPI)

"Transportation: a System of Systems"
by: Antonio Colaço (EC - DG TREN)

"Satellite Communications - research and spectrum - "
by: Pertti Jauhiainen (EC - DG INFOSO) and Ari Sorsaniemi

"Satellite European regulation: the Ka band issue"
by: Benoist Deschamps (ECO - CEPT`)

"My view on: Satellite Operators & EU Policy"
by: Aarti Holla-Maini (ESOA)

"ESPI Workshop: Satcom Policy in Europe" (will be available soon)
by: Christine Leurquin (SES ASTRA)

"A new vision on space"
by: Maurizio Fargnoli (TELESPAZIO)

"Satcom Technological Development. A perspective from the Telecommunications Programme of the European Space Agency"
by: Jose M. Casas (ESA)

"SatCom in the European Space Policy"
by: Andras Roboz (EC - ENTR)

"Satcom for the Europe - 2020 Strategy"
by: Thomas Brandtner (General Secretariat of the Council of the EU)