The ESPI Perspectives are short papers, typically about five pages, presenting a concise analysis on innovative ideas in the field of space policy or societal impacts of space technology.

As ESPI strives to be an open platform think-tank, we welcome contributions from both experts and the general public that are in line with the nature of the Perspective series. Ideally, this takes the form of an existing unpublished paper or reflection. Depending on the nature of the topic, however, an inspiring idea can also be taken as a starting point for further elaboration. In the latter case further reflection in consultation with professionals in the field might take place during the writing process.

All accepted ESPI Perspectives are reviewed and edited on a joint basis. This is necessary to ensure the consistency of our publication series.
While ESPI Perspectives do not necessarily represent the views of ESPI, they can be very relevant for stimulating discussion in the field of space policy, or space-society relations in general.
To get an idea about the nature and variety of topics that are typically addressed in this format, please have a look at the previously published ESPI Perspectives.


Please note that the ESPI Perspectives series format is currently being overhauled. For this reason, we are not accepting new submissions at the moment, pending the publication of the new "Call for Contributions".

For further information, please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.