"Recent policy developments regarding European access to space"
by: Anna Clementina Veclani, Nicolò Sartori, Rosa Rosanelli (IAI, Rome)

"The EU COM 'Towards a space strategy for the EU that benefits its citizen'. The EU’s declaration of intents for space"
by: Matxalen Sánchez Aranzamendi (ESPI)

"Space-Based Capabilities for Internal Security Operations: A critical Assessment of The Case of Land Border Surveillance"
by: Alexander Kolovos (former Head of Hellenic National Centre for Space Applications, Athens)

"Space Debris: international law and new mitigation guidelines"
by: Joanne Wheeler (Attorney-at-Law, CMS) and Cameron McKenna LLP (London)

"UK Space Agency Establishment"
by: Sa'id Mosteshar (London Institute of Space Policy and Law ISPL, London)

"The new German space strategy. How strategic is it?"
by: Svenja Sinjen and Cornelius Vogt (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik DGAP, Berlin)

“Art. 189 TFEU: Evolution of its scope since the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon”
by: Carmen Muñoz Rodriguez (University of Jaén, Spain)

"Cooperation in space between Europe and Israel in light of the recent ESA--Israel agreement"
by: Daniel Barok (BINGO - BD&Consulting, Tel Aviv, Israel)

"Digital Divide and the Global Crisis"
by: Julia Neumann (Attorney at Law, White&Case LLP, Berlin)

"Recent Development of Japan’s Space Policy - Quasi-Zenith Satellite Program and Space Policy Making Process"
by: Hideaki Shiroyama (University of Tokyo, Japan)

"What future for GEOSS? Results from the November 2010 GEO Ministerial Meeting"
by: Catherine Doldirina (McGill University, Montreal, Canada)

"Parts 1 and 3 of the ESPI Yearbook on Space Policy 2010/2011"
by: Spyros Pagkratis and Blandina Baranes (ESPI)