We are thrilled to release our first-ever public ESPI Annual Report, taking stock of a remarkable year 2023 for ESPI.

2023 marked a turning point, witnessing a new quality of recognition of the independent research, analysis and policy recommendation of ESPI, demonstrated at its 1st extraordinary General Assembly and Advisory Council in 20 years, and the first of its kind high-level political event at the Austrian Parliament welcoming close to 40 nations.

2023 brought a new level of ESPI’s international engagement from the Asia-Pacific, the US, India, Africa, to Australia, and with the Vienna Space Diplomat initiative. This development has been supported by a growth of the ESPI membership base by 25% and a new level of commitment by members and international partners via several bi-lateral agreements.

The year saw ESPI expanding its research portfolio, with 40+ publications, and about 50% of research performed under ESPI lead in collaboration with other entities. The ESPI Autumn Conference, at its 17th edition, saw a record attendance with about 200 guests from more than 45 nations.

Against this backdrop, we are releasing the ESPI Annual Report 2023 as an element to build trust and transparency with members, partners and a wider audience, in Europe and globally. Besides providing foundational information about ESPI, the ESPI Annual Report 2023 specifically covers:

Annual Report

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