A complete ESPI Family at ESPI’s 20th Anniversary Event in the Austrian Parliament (staff, representatives of member organisations, Advisory Council experts)

About Us

The European Space Policy Institute, founded in 2003, is the independent think tank for space based in Vienna, Austria – the world’s capital of space diplomacy, providing decision-makers with an informed view on mid-to-long-term issues relevant to Europe’s space activities. In this context, ESPI acts as an independent platform for developing positions and strategies.

Working in a non-profit capacity, ESPI:

In line with its policy vision, ESPI2040: Space for Prosperity, Peace and Future Generations, ESPI advocates for a strong Europe as a partner to the world.

ESPI is supported by its 20 member organisations and Advisory Council composed of internationally recognized experts from a range of domains. You can read the ESPI Statutes here.

ESPI Annual Report (2023)

Read our ESPI Annual Report 2023 here

Besides providing foundational information about ESPI, the ESPI Annual Report 2023 specifically covers:

  • Our key highlights of the past 12 months,
  • ESPI culture, people and institutional evolution,
  • Main work items and our impact in each of our 5 research areas and engagement activities,
  • Contributions from our key high-level stakeholders and major partners,
  • An outlook at what is ahead for 2024 and what is projected for a mid-term perspective of 5 years for Europe in space and ESPI.


Our Activities

ESPI’s mission is implemented through the ESPI Agenda, which is comprised of three lines of activities:


By leveraging its independent status and expertise to facilitate dialogue and consensus building, ESPI drives intensified engagement and lends support to public actors across Europe and provides an active forum for networking and knowledge sharing, connecting a diverse range of stakeholders.

In a transforming world, with more than 80 nations conducting space activities and new space agencies and actors emerging, continuous dialogues, engagement, and collaboration with relevant stakeholders both within and outside of Europe remains critical.

For more information about ESPI’s events and engagement activities, click here


High-quality research remains at the core of ESPI’s activities, and underpins its expertise, initiatives, and collaborations.

ESPI’s research agenda responds to:

ESPI’s research agenda also includes two transversal research themes addressing foundational and enabling elements, without which Europe cannot act in space and on the three aforementioned missions:


ESPI supports a European education ecosystem that is able to nurture and retain a talented and skilled workforce. ESPI provides European decision-makers with information and trends in support of mid- to long-term guidance in space education, talent, and workforce, as well as fosters and supports European educational policies and activities contributing to capacity-building in Europe and beyond.

For more information about ESPI’s educational initiatives, click here.

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