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A first-of-its kind engagement framework for the space diplomatic community in Vienna, ESPI's Vienna Space Diplomat (VSD) platform gathers diplomats, policy-makers and experts in a suite of events to shape international space affairs and develop the role of space in a wider societal and economic context.

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About VSD

Climate, security, mobility, energy or health: space is at the heart of solving humankind’s most urgent challenges, while serving as a rich source of inspiration, curiosity and imagination.

Vienna Space Diplomat (VSD) is a new ESPI initiative for the space diplomatic community in Vienna, the seat of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). The purpose of VSD is to offer engagement opportunities with the view to foster consensus building and continuous dialogue among diplomatic stakeholders in charge of space affairs.

Diverse engagement formats

The VSD’s multiple events offer a range of formats and topics that cater to different interests, attracting a wider range of participants and creating a vibrant community of diplomats and foreign policy experts engaged in space and space policy.

COPUOS Side Events
ESPI events on the margins UN COPUOS sessions, discussing contemporary issues by space policy experts, scholars and industry leaders.

VSD Annual Reception
A yearly networking event with high-level guest speakers, including ambassador-level attendance.

VSD Forum
Several interactive events throughout the year discussing topics brought up by ESPI researchers.

The VSD platform also offers a regular newsletter with updates, information, and encouragement to attend the upcoming events.



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Upcoming events

Please check back soon for upcoming events.

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If you are a diplomat interested to be a part of the VSD, you can join here.

For additional information, please reach out to ESPI’s Alberto Rueda Carazo (

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