Yearbook on Space Policy

The Yearbook on Space Policy is an annual publication, which provides an overview of major developments and trends in space policy, industry, programmes, economy and overall worldwide activity over the year. The ESPI Yearbook does not aim to be comprehensive but rather to provide useful information, data and insights on a selection of topics expected to shape the future of the global and European space sector.


3 August 2023

Yearbook 2022

Key developments presented in the 2022 edition include: the war in Ukraine disrupting the global space sector and the emergence of space cybersecurity companies.


6 July 2021

Yearbook 2020

Key developments in 2020 included: New European ambitions and a change in space leadership, the Artemis Accords, and a record setting year for European NewSpace.


10 May 2020

Yearbook 2019

Key developments in 2019 included: Setting up of DG DEFIS, the enactment of new civil and defence national space policies, and financial commitments at ESA Space19+ Council.

Previous Yearbook editions

Previous editions of the Yearbook on Space Policy are available at Springer Publishing's website.

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