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Yearbook 2019

The ESPI Yearbook is an annual publication providing an overview of major developments and trends in the space sector over the year. The 2019 edition is the first of a new Yearbook series with revised structure and content, organised in four complementary chapters:

  • Policy & Programmes: space policy highlights and trends, major space programme developments
  • Industry & Innovation: launcher and satellite industry developments, selected company infosheets
  • Economy & Business: global and European space economy indicators (turnover, budgets, investment)
  • Launches & Satellites: space activity statistics, mission highlights and ESPI launch log

Some of the key developments of 2019 presented in the Yearbook are:

  • The enactment of a few new national space policies both in civil and security & defence realms worldwide
  • Unprecedented financial commitments from European member states at ESA Space19+ Council
  • The reorganisation of the European Commission and the setting-up of a Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space
  • Start of the deployment of mega-constellations in a grim GEO satcom environment
  • Initiation of spectacular breakthrough In-Orbit Servicing for life-extension of geostationary spacecraft

You can find much more about the state of the space sector in the Yearbook. The report provides many useful information, data and insights on a selection of topics expected to shape the future of the global and European space sector.

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