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“The future of the European space sector and its capacity to innovate strongly relies on an education ecosystem able to nurture and retain talent and a skilled workforce.” Understanding this, Education remains a cornerstone of the European Space Policy Institute’s (ESPI) mission, reinforced in our strategic agenda as defined in “ESPI2040: Space for Prosperity, Peace and Future Generations“.

Unlocking the full spectrum of European space capabilities requires the adaptation of the space education system to the rapidly changing needs of the space sector and its integration into other sectors and policies.

It requires experts across fields, such as engineers and scientists, but also increasingly experts in economics, law, social and political sciences, and strategists with a holistic view.

It requires the seamless integration of the space sector into schooling and academia, to attract and develop European and global talent early on.

It requires the creation of a strong European space and entrepreneurial culture, including and beyond the inspiring image of astronaut as a profession, acting as a catalyst for space education.

ESPI addresses these challenges and contributes to a stronger, better connected, and more efficient education ecosystem in Europe through three lines of activities.

  • Providing European decision-makers with information and trends in support of mid- to long-term guidance in space education, talent, and workforce.
  • Monitoring and keeping up to date the evolution, strengths, and gaps in the European space education ecosystem.

  • Providing lecturers and tutors to partner universities and research institutes.
  • Providing specialised training and workshops to professionals in policy and government functions in space and related sectors.
  • Establishing the 1st ESPI space policy summer bootcamp, as part as the European Forum Alpbach (EFA) 2024.
  • Hosting institutional and educational visits at ESPI premises.
  • Establishing temporary research fellowships for graduates and young professionals at ESPI.

The impact of these activities targets diversified audiences and areas, from university students and young graduates to civil servants and decision makers who want to develop or enhance their professional knowledge of space policy and diversify their skills.

During its 20 years of existence, ESPI has consistently nurtured strong relations with the European academic community and has supported several education-related activities in collaboration with its members and partners by:

  • Creating a network of universities and education institutions to promote space policy.
  • Supporting the development of hubs linking education to the workforce.

ESPI Summer Bootcamp


This summer, ESPI is teaming up with European Forum Alpbach (EFA) to organise its inaugural space policy summer school from the 19th-23rd August 2024.

EFA, a space and place for the emergence of reflection and action for innovative young minds in Europe, takes place in one of the most beautiful locations of the Austrian alps: Alpbach. Traditionally welcoming several thousand participants from around 100 nations, this year the forum recognizes the main theme of “Moment of Truth” across Europe related to four main thematic priorities:

  • Climate;
  • Finance & Economy;
  • Security;
  • Democracy & Rule of Law.

Entitled “The Unfolding Space Revolution: Space for Prosperity, Peace & Future Generations”, ESPI’s seminar will outline, along the lines of its 2040 vision, the crucial role of space in shaping all four thematic priorities. Through interactive sessions, and, uniquely, a transversal space policy challenge, the participants will gain awareness and new perspectives of the value of space in addressing major challenges of our time. ESPI’s seminar will be chaired by ESPI Director H. Ludwig Moeller, who will be joined by experienced Co-Chairs and Guest Speakers, including:

  • General (Ret’d) Michel Friedling – Former French Space Commander
  • Sinéad O’Sullivan – Economist at Harvard Business School’s Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness, and Member of ESPI’s Advisory Council
  • Volker Liebig – Former Director of European Space Agency – ESA’s Earth Observation Programmes

The seminar will see the participation of up to 50 young professionals and academics from all over the world, and we are delighted to announce that ESPI will be offering 10 funded participation spots*.

Applications are open now and will remain so until the 29th of May. Successful applicants will be notified by the beginning of June.

Click here to apply!

*Participation will be free of charge for the successful applicants, while accommodation and transport will not be included.

Further information about the Summer Bootcamp can be found in our informational flyer here.


17 April 2024

ESPI Strengthens its Role in Europe’s Space Education Ecosystem

Read more here.

EDU Partners

ESPI has established partnerships with several universities and research institutes worldwide, either through hosting workshops, delivering lectures to students, or undertaking joint research, amongst other activities.

This list is continually growing as we seek to foster further collaborations. Stay tuned for more information about our partnerships.


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If you are an organization or university interested in partnering with ESPI, or you are a student further interested in ESPI’s Education Portfolio, please reach out to ESPI’s Research Fellow Costanza Crivelli Visconti at: <>.

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