Contributing to a stronger, better connected, and more efficient education ecosystem in Europe


The future of the European space sector and its capacity to innovate strongly relies on an education ecosystem able to nurture and retain talent and a skilled workforce. This is most relevant in Europe, which is faced with demographic challenges as a result of an ageing population.

This requires the adaptation of the space education system to the rapidly changing needs of the space sector and its integration into other sectors and policies, with a need for experts across fields, such as engineers and scientists, but also increasingly experts in economics, law, social and political sciences, and strategists with a holistic view.

It requires the seamless integration of the space sector into schooling and academia, to attract and develop European and global talent early on. It requires the creation of a strong European space and entrepreneurial culture, including and beyond the inspiring image of astronaut as a profession, acting as a catalyst for space education.

ESPI addresses these challenges and contribute to a stronger, better connected, and more efficient education ecosystem in Europe by:

  • Providing European decision-makers with information and trends in support to mid- to long-term guidance in space education, talent, and workforce.
  • Fostering and supporting European educational policies and activities, contributing to capacity building in Europe and beyond, and talent and workforce development by:
    • Creating a network of universities and education institutions to promote space policy;
    • Providing lecturers and tutors to partner universities and research institutes;
    • Supporting the development of hubs linking education to the workforce.
  • Providing specialised training to professionals in policy and government functions in space and related sectors.
  • Advancing ESPI as a space education provider, in particular by:
    • Establishing a visiting student programme for young graduates at ESPI;
    • Organising an annual ESPI Space Policy Summer School. Universities

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