Director’s Perspectives

Our Director’s Perspectives provide commentary and insight into the month’s key activities in the European and global space sectors.

This Month’s Perspective: March 2024 – Venture Capital Financing Gap: Towards a European Space Investment Fund? 

Past Perspectives:

February 2024

Space Industry, Security & Defence – Need for Institutional Reform (Projects and Funding)

January 2024 

European Space Conference, Shaping Europe’s Future, and New 2040 Horizons.

2024 Outlook

While the Perspectives tend to look back at the previous month’s events, this special edition focuses on the future and what 2024 has in store for the global space sector.

November 2023

From Djibouti and the Northern Territories to the Use of Space – An Outside Perspective.

October 2023

Seville Space Summit – “Zeitenwende” or, a Revolution Postponed.

September 2023

A reflection on two key ESPI milestones: our 20th Anniversary event and the publication of our long-term policy vision, ESPI2040: Space for Prosperity, Peace and Future Generations.

July 2023

Solutions Beyond the European Launcher Crisis – The Use of Space.

June 2023

Winning the Future – What European Space Policy Needs to Learn From Semiconductors.

May 2023

Time to Act to Break Silos in Space and Better Support to Security and Defence.

April 2023

European Private Space Investments: Creating Growth and Resilience in a Contested Market.

March 2023

Much More than a Space Programme – Give European Ambition a Chance.

February 2023

Earth Observation Open Data in Europe – Intellectual Property and Services Market in China and the U.S.

January 2023

Securing the Future of Europe in Space – Speed and Size Matter.


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