12th ESPI Autumn Conference (27.09.2018 – 28.09.2018)

27 September 2018, -
28 September 2018, -
ESPI, Vienna, Austria

The Autumn Conference is a yearly ESPI event where space policy, agency and industry stakeholders come together to discuss issues that affect Europe and the rest of the world.

This year ESPI will organise its 12th Autumn Conference on the following topic:  “Security in Outer Space: Rising Stakes for Civilian Space Programmes”. Drawing on the findings of a joint research collaboration with George Washington University´s Space Policy Institute, the event will discuss the ongoing reshaping of European and American approaches to Space Security issues. Greater emphasis will be put on the criticality of future short- and long-term policy developments in this area and how to reach the full potential of a transatlantic cooperative approach in this specific field.

The 12th Autumn Conference will be a two-day event and will cover the following three sessions:

  1. State of Play in Space Security Strategies: Space Assets in an Evolving Environment
  2. Forging Ahead with European Space Security Efforts
  3. Thinking Transatlantic Cooperation: Towards STM

The event was intentionally designed to have a forward-looking vision on Space Security strategies to be endorsed on both sides of the Atlantic through a careful selection of speakers active in the field, both in the public and private sectors.





Sébastien Moranta, ESPI Coordinator of Studies 

Kai Uwe Schrogl, Chief Strategy Officer of ESA (Keynote)

Regina PeldszusSenior Policy Officer, DLR

Carlo des Dorides, Executive Director, EU GSA Agency

Andrew Monham, Spacecraft Operations Manager, EUMETSAT

Daniel Oltrogge, Director, Center for Space Standards and Innovation, Analytical Graphics (Keynote)

Petr Havlik, Senior Space Policy Advisor

Nicolas Bobrinsky, SSA Programme Manager at ESA

Pascal Legai, SatCen Director

Mark Dickinson, Chairman of SDA

Henry Hertzfeld, SPI Director (Keynote)

Joe Pelton, Executive Board Member, IAAS

Didier Alary, Head of Advanced Space Systems, Airbus Defence and Space

Rob Heron, Senior Sales Manager, SES TechCom




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