Commercial Space Days

11 - 12 September 2023 Luzern

Commercial Space Days is a two-day conference organised in Luzern by the Centre for Aviation and Space Competence at the University of St Gallen and the Swiss Aerospace Cluster in cooperation with ECSECO and the Swiss Space Office. Over these two days, leading space companies will meet with key academics in economics, innovation management and business to discuss entrepreneurship and lessons learned from the space revolution of the last decade, and to provide inputs for the next era of space commercialisation. The conference highlight will be a panel discussion with leading innovation & space economists Mariana Mazzucato (UCL), Dominique Foray (EPFL), Vivianna Fang He (HSG) and Matthew Weinzierl (HBS). NASA Chief Economist Alexander MacDonald will join as a special guest.


The Secretariat of ECSECO is managed by the European Space Agency with our support, and is hosted at our offices in Vienna, Austria. ECSECO facilitates a wide range of activities, which include conferences, workshops and other events; working groups and collaborative research; initiatives for students such as summer school and competitions and many more.

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ECSECO is a forum for individuals professionally involved in space economy and commerce, who share an interest in the development of the sector in Europe. Interdisciplinarity lies at the heart of ECSECO, therefore, the Centre welcomes members from various professional backgrounds, inter alia, economists, engineers, scientists and lawyers from the private sector, public institutions, international organisations, and academia

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