ESPI – APRSAF Evening Event, Inter-Regional Space Policy Dialogue between Asia-Pacific and Europe (22.6.2018)

22 June 2018, -
22 June 2018, -
ESPI, Vienna, Austria


Inter-Regional Space Policy Dialogue between Asia-Pacific and Europe:

Towards Space Policy for Socioeconomic Development

Sustainable development embraces all nations, as outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Space technology is increasingly seen as a major enabler of socio-economic growth. However, it is obvious that, to date, approaches to Space greatly differ from one country to another, even within the same regional ensemble.

Europe, on its side, has a long history in Space, thanks to the strong political will of some of its well-established member States, but also because of its early ambition to leverage inter-governmental cooperation. This approach allowed to pool resources on a broad regional basis, supporting the creation of an inclusive European Space programme that embraces all areas of Space systems and applications.

The Asia-Pacific region is expected to become a major Space player in the near future, given the prominent positions gained by some of its member States in the sector, and thanks to the clear identification of the potential of Space technologies to support socio-economic development at regional and national levels.

The purpose of this joint ESPI-APRSAF event is to provide to a number of representatives from both regions the opportunity to exchange views on this highly relevant topic, while learning more about their respective approaches towards the development and implementation of space policies in their countries.

The format of the event will be mostly a panel discussion, allowing panelists from various countries to exchange views on their different experiences, visions and expectations related to the further evolution of national, inter-governmental or regional collaboration and coordination in space, with the ultimate goal of:

  • Promoting mutual understanding of issues and trends in the current development of space policies in each region
  • Setting-up a space-policy dedicated forum for a continued dialogue between the respective Space communities in Europe and in the Asia-Pacific region.



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