ESPI Evening Event, On-orbit operations (18.4.2018)

18 April 2018, -
18 April 2018, -
ESPI, Vienna, Austria

The Round table will discuss the topic of “On-orbit operations”, addressing future assembly and servicing of satellites on orbit, from policy, legal and technical perspectives. In the new space ecosystem, new concepts could reduce operational and development costs, but also open up a new market for on-orbit servicing. In the future satellites could be refuelled, upgraded and reconfigured directly in orbit, extending their operational life and reducing risks for operators and insurers. The Round table will be an opportunity to further discuss these concepts and identify key questions and recommendations, in terms of challenges, risks and opportunities for the various stakeholders involved.

Round table will include presentations from:

  • Jean-Jacques Tortora, Director, ESPI
  • Rodolphe Paris, Head of ESA Affairs and Key Account Manager, Airbus Defence and Space
  • Alexander Soucek, International and EU Law Services, ESA


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