ISPL Practitioner Course: Space Warfare: Political and Legal Fundamentals

29 March 2023

Our partners from the London Institute of Space Policy and Law (ISPL) are organising a one-day online course on the topic of Space Warfare. See the details below:

There is growing concern about conflict in space in part due to a number of recent events, including the war in Ukraine. To increase knowledge of the issues involved this Course provides an overview and general understanding of the legal, policy and other political factors regarding military and security operations in space and the role of space assets in warfare.

Placement of weapons in space and the deployment of space capabilities in terrestrial conflicts will be addressed, including considerations affecting deployment of dual-use systems.

The full programme and application details, including fees, are available at:

*ISPL is celebrating its fifteenth year providing education and training to professionals, academics and entrants in the space sector.


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