ISPL Practitioner Seminar: Use of AI in Outer Space – Policy and Legal Considerations

6 June 2023 Online

London Institute of Space Policy and Law (ISPL) will organise this online seminar on 06 June 2023 13.30 CEST.

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), related elements of Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) in civil and military space activities are increasingly investigated. Some forms are already employed. AI has potential to benefit the operation of large satellite constellations, robotic space exploration, satellite data analysis for Earth observation and astronomy and many more space activities. This raises the important question of legal and political responsibility of involved actors at international, national and individual level. This Seminar aims to advance clarity regarding such responsibility among actors.

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*ISPL is celebrating its fifteenth year providing education and training to professionals, academics and entrants in the space sector.

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ISPL is an independent institution with a faculty of leading academics, legal and policy professionals, scientists and engineers, political scientists and others active in the space sector. ISPL mission is to carry out impartial study of space policies and related law, to promote sustainable use of outer space for the benefit of all, to educate and inform present and future policy-makers, judges and lawyers, to apply a multi-disciplinary approach, informed by scientific, technical, economic and social factors and to foster a diverse international faculty, researchers and visiting scholars.

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