19 - 21 July 2022 Tokyo Japan

Associate Fellow Quentin Verspieren will be representing us at the SPACETIDE 2022 Conference on 21 July 2022 for a panel on “APAC Market POtential and Value from a Global Perspective.” This event is being hosted by the SPACETIDE Foundation.

About SPACETIDE 2022

The theme of our 7th annual conference, SPACETIDE 2022, is ‘New Value Creation.’ In our previous conference, under the concept of “The Evolution of Commercial SPACE,” we discussed the advancements at the forefront of the space industry. The space industry has accelerated toward its commercialization, attracting attention for its visionary nature and innovative technology. Moreover, as the space industry matures, this industry is now creating new values for the world and society

On the first day ‘Space-Enabled World’, we will discuss new value creation stemming from the satellite business from the customer’s point of view.

On the subsequent two days ‘Main Conference’, the global leaders of space business will discuss values created by each field of the space industry.

What will the space industry bring to our society, life, culture, and future? We hope you’ll enjoy the conference and find your answer to this question!

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SPACETIDE Foundation is a Tokyo-based non-profit organization. Their mission is to promote new space businesses worldwide.

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