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A Bold Vision for Europe: Much More than a Space Programme

Europe has all the prerequisites to develop into a full space power, by bringing together, federating and developing the excellence of its European, national and industrial capacities.  

“We are facing a revolution in space, a global race to space and unprecedented challenges on Earth”, says Hermann Ludwig Moeller, Director of ESPI. “Our space systems are crucial to develop green and sustainable societies, improve our civil and cyber security, strengthen our defense and sovereignty, and inspire space exploration to reach out to new frontiers.” 

Ahead of our 20th Anniversary, which we are celebrating this year, we are excited to publish a bold new policy vision for Europe in space and space for Europe in the coming days. Working both internally and with our stakeholders, we have spent the last few months ideating, developing, and writing this policy vision to understand humanity’s existential crises on Earth, how societal intersections with space can help humanity effectively respond to these challenges, underscore Europe’s achievements in space, and promote ESPI’s vision and agenda for Europe in space in the coming decades and beyond. 

Stay tuned to both our website and social media channels in the coming days to read and download your copy of our forthcoming policy vision. In the mean time, download your copy of the Teaser flyer here.

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