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ESPI Fosters International Engagement by Welcoming Four New Global Fellows

Incoming Global Fellows, clockwise from top left: Victoria Valdivia, Vinicius Guedes de Oliveira, Leyton Wells, and Rorisang Moyo.

In line with its policy vision, ESPI2040: Space for Prosperity, Peace and Future Generations, the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) continues to advocate for a strong Europe as a partner to the world.  

In a transforming world, with an increasing number of states conducting space activities, and new space agencies and actors emerging, continuous dialogues, engagement, and collaboration with relevant stakeholders both within and outside of Europe remain critical.  

For this reason, ESPI has been facilitating different forms of collaboration with space policy experts within and outside Europe, including through the establishment of its Global Fellowship Programme.  The objective of the fellowship arrangement is to deepen knowledge, facilitate dialogue and promote active engagement between European and non-European stakeholders through involvement in various activities. 

Space is truly global and continued engagement with different stakeholders beyond the European space community is fundamental to promote European space policy on a global level. Our Global Fellowship Programme aims exactly to achieve this important objective by expanding ESPI’s international connections, tapping into global expertise and networks, and in turn reinforcing Europe’s role as partner to the world. 

– Marco Aliberti, Associate Manager and Lead on International Engagement

ESPI is pleased to announce four new Global Fellows: 

  • Rorisang Moyo (Zimbabwe) 
  • Vinicius Guedes de Oliveira (Brazil) 
  • Victoria Valdivia (Chile) 
  • Leyton Wells (UK) 

These new Fellows join our two existing Global Fellows:  

  • Yui Nakama (Japan) 
  • Daniel Porras (US) 

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