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ESPI Insights for April 2022 is out!

Issue 26 of ESPI Insights is now available. ESPI Insights provides a quick, monthly update on major news in the space sector. This issue covers the top news from April 2022, including:

  • ESA re-evaluates its cooperation with Russia, especially the space exploration programmes;
  • The European Investment Fund launches the CASSINI Space Investment Facility;
  • Amazon’s record launch contracts cause ripple effects in space industry;
  • Axiom Space operates first all-private mission to the ISS;
  • Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA) awarded €11M in DLR competition; and
  • Capella Space raises $97M in Series C

In this issue, ESPI Director Jean-Jacques Tortora also looks at the U.S.’s self-imposed ban for ascent anti-satellite (ASAT) missile tests and its potential implications for the international discussions on norms of responsible behaviour in space. Discussions on this topic will take shape with the kick-off and the first session of the newly established Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG), which will occur from 9-13 May.

ESPI also recently addressed the initiative of norms of responsible behaviour in space and the 2021 UN General Assembly resolution 76/231, which led to the creation of the OEWG in a recent Executive Brief and submitted a contribution to the OEWG in April. You can learn more about these efforts by visiting the provided links.

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