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ESPI Insights for April 2023 is out!

The 37th issue of ESPI Insights is now available. ESPI Insights provides a quick, monthly update on major news in the space sector.

This issue covers the top news of April:

  • Exploring the gas giant: ESA’s JUICE mission launches
  • India releases Indian Space Policy 2023
  • IRIS² kick-off: European space companies join forces
  • NASA progresses on Moon-to-Mars plan
  • Starship: SpaceX launches largest and most powerful launch vehicle ever
  • ESA cybersecurity exercise: TAS disrupts operation of ESA satellite
  • Europe surpasses U.S. in space startup funding in Q1 2023
  • Mynaric Secures €80M Debt/Equity financing

… and more!

This month, ESPI Director H. Ludwig Moeller analyses the increase of private investments in the European space sector in 2022 in the light of the current unstable geopolitical and economic situation in Europe, and formulates recommendations addressing European institutions for the way ahead. The data on private investments in Europe originates from ESPI’s Space Venture Europe 2022 Report, which will be published soon.

Download a copy here: ESPI Insights 2023

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