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ESPI Insights for January 2022 is out!

The first 2022 issue of ESPI Insights is now available. This issue covers news from both December 2021 and January 2022, including:

  • ESA DG Josef Aschbacher presented ESA’s 2022 budget, which has increased by 10.9% to €7.2 billion;
  • European stakeholders discussed solutions for the funding shortfall in the Copernicus programme that the EU is facing post-Brexit;
  • the James Webb Space Telescope launched on Christmas Day with an Ariane 5 rocket;
  • the 14th European Space Conference was held in Brussels in a hybrid format between January 25th and 26th; and
  • EUSPA released its Earth Observation and GNSS market report for 2022.

You can read about all of these developments and more in the latest edition of ESPI Insights.

ESPI Insights provides a quick, monthly update on major news in the space sector. In this month’s edition, ESPI director Jean-Jacques Tortora also explores what’s next for the European space sector in 2022, and discusses trends in space policy, space exploration, launchers and NewSpace.

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