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ESPI Insights for June 2023 is out!

The 39th issue of ESPI Insights is now available. ESPI Insights provides a quick, monthly update on major news in the space sector.

This issue covers the top news of June:

  • New European initiatives for space sustainability: ESA’s Zero Debris Charter initiative and UK’s Astra Carta launched
  • Ecuador and India sign Artemis Accords, India and U.S. expand spaceflight cooperation
  • Advancements in Space-Based Solar Power: Caltech demonstrates first time ever SBSP transmission
  • ESA’s Euclid launched on Falcon 9
  • Germany releases new national security strategy – with links to space
  • U.S. Space Force expands national in-orbit and ground station missile warning capabilities
  • European New Space companies jump-start the Copernicus programme
  • Australian projects receive grants within NASA Moon to Mars Initiative
  • Intelsat and SES end merger talks

… and more!

This month’s Perspective discusses the future-shaping role of transformative technologies. It views the European Chips Act, as the result of a clear policy vision decades ago and as cost of in-action to repair the impacts of Europe’s systemic dependence. It presents the ongoing space race as the next future shaping development, sharing many similarities with semiconductors, in market size and growth rates, and with a similar multiplier effect into the broader economy, and GDP level impact of multiple trillion of Euros. It calls for a European action, to avoid the same fate as in semiconductors and predicts that a Space Act in 2040, would no longer allow Europe to recover the space left unchartered today. It proposes a “European way” to connect public investments in space with that of sectorial industry champions, in synergy with ministries like energy, health, transport or digital.

Download a copy here: ESPI Insights June 2023.

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