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ESPI Invests in Young Talent by Welcoming New Round of Interns

Education remains a cornerstone of the European Space Policy Institute’s (ESPI) mandate and its steadfast commitment to empowering young minds, which is demonstrated by our internship programme.  

By offering compensated internships for candidates coming from diverse educational backgrounds, ESPI seeks to foster the growth of young professionals within the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of space policy. You can read more about our commitment to education in both our policy vision, ESPI2040: Space for Prosperity, Peace and Future Generations and in our 2023 Annual Report

This commitment underscores our dedication to nurturing the next generation’s involvement in and impact on the space sector.  

We are therefore excited to welcome three new interns to our team: 

  • Julia Drössler, our new and first-ever Communications & Engagement Intern. 
  • Lorenzo Bertolli, our new Research Intern. 
  • Shadi Rochard, our new Research Intern. 

Julia obtained a Master of Advanced International Studies from the Vienna School of International Studies and combined her passion for policy communication with an eye for design, serving as the managing designer of the student magazine, Polemics. Her professional interest lies in bridging the gap between policy and design to make otherwise complex political and scientific issues accessible to all. 

Lorenzo holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Florence. The completion of his thesis, which focused on the macroeconomic value of the space economy and Earth Observation applications, sparked an interest in the sector’s economic and financial dimensions, leading him to seek further knowledge in the connection between economics and space


Shadi is a young international relations professional with a focus on international development and cooperation. She gained valuable experience in climate finance, risk management and impact innovative technologies in Asia and the Mediterranean regions and from these experiences developed a keen interest for space applications in the climate sector


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