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ESPI’s Provision of Feedback for the Public Consultation of EU Space Law

From 17 October – 28 November 2023, a call for feedback opened for the public consultation of EU Space Law. Amongst others, ESPI submitted feedback. A PDF copy of our feedback can be found here and more information about this initiative can be found here.

This initiative aims to lay down rules to ensure a coherent EU approach to:

  • Safety, by laying down common rules on avoiding collision and mitigating space debris;
  • Resilience, by laying down common rules on risk management and cybersecurity that are tailored for the space sector; and
  • Sustainability, by laying down common rules for life cycle assessment of space activities and to prevent light pollution of the night sky.

ESPI considers these three identified pillars currently under development as important elements of any potential legislative action targeting space activities while holding a belief that the EU should leverage its strengths and competencies enshrined in the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU. In this context, ESPI calls for an open and cooperative reflection with Member States and relevant European stakeholders to assess the specific areas, within the three identified pillars, in which Article 114 justifies EU action.

Moreover, given the current maturity level of presented policy options, ESPI calls for further
consultations beyond this initial phase, once the policy options are further elaborated and notably in the process of drafting and negotiating a potential legislative text.

Given the EU’s role, mandate and market power, the EU should consider how a potential Space Law can not only benefit the establishment and functioning of the single market but also further propel its growth. As identified in ESPI2040: Space for Prosperity, Peace and Future Generations, space goes well beyond developing and operating capabilities, and this should be solidly reflected in the EU Space Law. In this context, the Institute stands ready to further contribute to the development of the EU’s position.

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