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Introducing ESPI’s new Visual Identity

After nearly 20 years of existence, a lot has changed at ESPI and in our sector. New players continue to emerge, national space agencies have shifted their identities, and new issues and challenges facing our decision-makers continue to appear. Throughout it all, ESPI has continued to act as an independent platform which provides decision-makers with an informed view on mid-to-long-term issues relevant to Europe’s space activities. This work will continue, just under a refreshed visual identity.

Our new logo

Over the past several months, we have worked with Rainfall to develop a new visual identity for the Institute. Since we were founded, our previous logo has served us well, and ESPI has become known as the European think-tank for space. We wanted to build upon that history. The result was a more modern logo with a continued emphasis on our beloved acronym.

In addition to maintaining our acronym in our logo, we wanted the associated icon to be something that was clean and understandable to anybody who was looking at it. While working with Rainfall, we came up with a simple yet modern design which represents a satellite in orbit. The primary version of the icon includes a gradient, transitioning from a brighter shade of blue similar to our old logo into the darker shade of blue that can be found in the acronym and in our other visual products.

A consistent visual identity

In addition to refreshing our logo, we wanted all of our public-facing materials to have consistent theme and feel to them. Whether it is navigating our new website, reading one of our reports, scrolling our social media accounts or viewing a presentation from one of our researchers, anybody who engages with ESPI’s work will notice a consistency in how our information is portrayed.

A modern and more user-friendly website

The final part of this process was reworking our website. We wanted to guarantee our visitors had a user-friendly experience, so our new website includes many new features, such as:

  • Dedicated report pages which summarise each study
  • Web-based executive briefs so visitors are not forced to download files just to read them (although downloads are still an option!)
  • The ability to search publications by topic directly on our home page
  • More accessible font formatting to increase readability for as many visitors as possible

… and much more!

Continuing to work towards our mission

Despite these changes, we want to provide our assurance that our team is continuously working hard to meet our mission and continue our efforts as the European think-tank for space. Our Institute has come far in the nearly 2 decades we have existed, and we look forward to continuing our efforts under our new visual identity.

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