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Launching “Vienna Space Diplomat” (VSD)

The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) is pleased to announce the launch of its newest initiative – Vienna Space Diplomat (VSD) 

Envisioned as a first-of-its-kind engagement platform, VSD aims to further ESPI’s mission of promoting space policy debate through a set of vibrant events and activities for diplomats and foreign policy practitioners.

The VSD will include three types of complementary activities:

  • COPUOS side events: A long-established ESPI-hosted format discussing UN COPUOS-relevant topics by space policy experts, scholars and industry experts.
  • VSD forum: Interactive events that facilitate discussion on themes explored by ESPI
  • VSD annual reception: A yearly networking event with high-level guest speakers, including ambassador-level attendance.

As we embark on a remarkable journey of exploration, facing unprecedented challenges on our planet, space diplomacy becomes the beacon that enables the continuation of peaceful relations and shared responsibility and prosperity in outer space. In pursuit of these values and to foster continuous international dialogue on space affairs, we have created the Vienna Space Diplomat (VSD).

Hermann Ludwig Moeller, Director of ESPI

The VSD will be formally inaugurated at the 1st Annual Reception supported by the Embassy of Luxembourg in Vienna, on 13 July 2023. More details about the event will be communicated soon.

As a pioneer of commercial satellite communications, Luxembourg has embraced space since the mid-1980’s. Over the last decades, and thanks to an innovative framework, Luxembourg has been at the forefront to position itself as a major hub for space-related activities, with a solid eco-system of private and public actors, focused on international cooperation.  The establishment of the Vienna Space Diplomat platform signifies another vital step towards enhancing dialogue and comprehension among the participants in the UN’s standard-setting bodies. It is with immense pleasure and honor that I participate in its inauguration as one of its early supporters.

H.E. Jean Graff,  Ambassador of Luxembourg in Vienna

For additional information about VSD, please visit Vienna Space Diplomat, or reach out to ESPI’s Alberto Rueda Carazo (alberto.rueda.carazo@espi.or.at)

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