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The Luxembourg Space Agency Joins ESPI as Our Newest Member

The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) is pleased to welcome the Luxembourg Space Agency as the newest member to the Institute. Established in 2018 with the goal of developing the national space sector, the Luxembourg Space Agency fosters new and existing companies, develops human resources, facilitates access to funding and provides support for academic research.

The agency implements the national space economic development strategy, manages national space research and development programs, and leads the SpaceResources.lu initiative. The LSA also represents Luxembourg within the European Space Agency, as well as the space related programs of the European Union and the United Nations. 

About the Luxembourg Space Agency  

The aim of the Luxembourg Space Agency national strategy and the resulting action plan is to pursue the efforts made to develop the Luxembourg space sector as a means of diversifying and perpetuating the Luxembourg economy, but also as a major contributor to the sustainability of activities on Earth, and by promoting a responsible approach to activities in Space. 

The 2023-2027 strategy focuses on 4 main areas: economic sustainability, sustainability on Earth, sustainability in space and the sustainable and responsible use of space resources. 

ESPI is an important think tank for European space policy, contributing to strengthening European space and addressing its current and future challenges, whether through studies, events or training activities. The Luxembourg Space Agency plans to be an active member in ESPI and contribute to its activities, also in Luxembourg. As an internationally oriented open country, it is crucial for the country that the European space sector, both private and public, is strong and able to maintain a key position on a worldwide level.

Mathias Link, Deputy CEO of Luxembourg Space Agency

Mathias Link, Deputy CEO of Luxembourg Space Agency, at ESPI’s 20th Anniversary Event

About ESPI Membership

ESPI is funded and supported by its two founding members and its 20 regular members. The membership includes various institutions drawn from national agencies, international organisations, and private companies. Each member organisation holds a seat on the General Assembly, which is the governing body of ESPI.

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