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Security in Outer Space: Perspectives on Transatlantic Relations

This study, carried out in collaboration with the George Washington University Space Policy Institute, raises awareness of the key stakes in transatlantic relations in the field of space security. The study:

  • reviews U.S. and European strategies, policies, activities, and capabilities regarding space infrastructure security;
  • investigates past and present transatlantic relations and analyses the conditions to reinforce cooperation in space security;
  • and examines the potential implications of on-going policy developments on future transatlantic relations in space security.

In doing so, the study assesses common space security challenges and provides a common understanding of each partners’ priorities and approaches to the issues. Even though the U.S. and Europe have a shared assessment of future space security challenges, their responses differ significantly. This is due, among other things, different cultures, political structures, and policy drivers. After analysing the current state of Euro-Atlantic cooperation, the report finds that there is fertile ground for reinforced cooperation. It identifies the realistic areas of increased transatlantic cooperation in space security as well as the next possible steps for achieving this.


Article published in collaboration with:

The George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs is a world leader in research, graduate study, and informed discussion related to issues of science, technology, and public policy. The Space Policy Institute celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017.


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