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Space Venture Europe 2019

Space Venture Europe 2019 provides a complete overview of entrepreneurship and private investment trends in the European space sector based on critical investment numbers and surveys statistics.

In the wake of Nasa’s Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS), a disruptive commercial approach to space has emerged, commonly called “New Space”.  This sectorial dynamic has been steadily emerging in Europe, with strong developments in the European Space start-ups.

The report provides an in-depth investigation of the evolution of Europe’s entrepreneurship environment and start-up dynamics. Space Venture 2019 sheds light on specific tendencies and developments:

  • Key metrics and trends
  • Developments in the relationship between public institutions and the European New Space ecosystem
  • Analysis of the Private Investment in European Space Start-ups
  • Perspectives on the European Space Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (ESPI Survey)
  • European Start-up Stories, a great way to know about disruptive European space companies
  • Key Takeaways, a summary of the main findings from the investment database and surveys, some of which you can find here:
    • €187 million raised by European space start-ups
    • 37% of private investment concentrated in the top 5 transactions
    • 62% of private investment is from venture capital
    • 65% of start-ups expect the public sector to be more ambitious on the demand side

Space Venture Europe 2019 uses a proprietary private investment database and an annual survey. This report, which counts 77 responses to the survey, presents s a broad range and extensive sample offering unique insights into this sector’s dynamics.

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