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Space Venture Europe 2021

Space Venture Europe 2021 provides a complete overview of entrepreneurship and private investment trends in the European space sector. Furthermore, the 2021 report goes beyond the scope of previous editions by assessing global private space investments as well as by including a new section comprised of key messages and recommendations from European space investors. With €611 million invested in space start-ups in 2021, Europe upheld a ground-breaking year and confirmed its position as a key actor in New Space globally!

In the wake of NASA’s Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS), a disruptive commercial approach to space has emerged, commonly called “New Space”.  This sectorial dynamic has been steadily emerging in Europe until the point where in 2021 the total private Space investment reached a record number of €611 million. An examination of European Space start-ups has revealed consistent developments and a high pace of technological innovation intertwined with a widespread European geographical distribution in terms of investment.

Space Venture Europe 2021 provides an in-depth investigation of the evolution of Europe’s entrepreneurship environment and start-up dynamics as well as a new section on New Space investments globally and a segment on the perspective of European space investors. Space Venture shed light on specific new tendencies and developments:

–              New Space trends in Europe

–              Investment in European space start-ups

–              Space investments in a global context

–              Perspectives from European Space Investors

–              European space entrepreneurship survey

–              Key takeaways and start-up stories

To do so, the report uses a proprietary private investment database and a survey undertaken end of 2021 as well as interviews with European investors.

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